It’s Here!

My long lost package was located in Serbia and sent on it’s way! The post office called me this morning to say it was here so I hotfooted over to the Old Town post office to get it. I handed her my passport and she found the package right away. Phew!

It looked as though it’d been through a war or two but at least nothing was leaking out. But….not so fast! There was some kind of problem with the Customs fee. She tried over and over and it wasn’t working. In the end there were 5 people there trying to solve the problem. They each inspected my passport as though it was counterfeit. The four others walked away. Finally after 20 minutes she got it! I paid the $126 import tax and rushed back home with my goodies. It’s Christmas in May! And even though the box is all bashed up, everything inside was in great shape.

Outside my apartment entry are two trees that smell like heaven. Actually maybe they smell like honeysuckle….same thing. It’s very strong. I hope they last for a long time. Can anyone identify them?

Last night I took a friend to dinner for his 54th birthday and several other friends showed up to help celebrate. I was so happy that I could take my friend out… the US I couldn’t even afford to take myself out, let alone anyone else. Our Italian friend Arash came out with two chocolate brioches with birthday candles in them and they were shared all around. It was a fun night.

Dewayne’s 54th

Last week I met a friend for lunch at the Taushani Restaurant in the next building. As I was walking over there I thought I heard a kitten crying but then I decided it was a bird. A few minutes later I saw a kid coming from that direction, holding a teeny squirming kitten!! Wow, I dodged a bullet there! The last thing I need is to be raising a two week old orphan kitten right now! The last time I raised an orphan kitten in 2012 I had Roxie who, after the first day of her obviously thinking “Phew Mom, that thing STINKS!”, then took over all the kitten care except feeding! She was just the sweetest kitty mom! Here’s a flashback to those days.


4 replies on “It’s Here!”

WOW how long has that package been missing? So glad you finally received it. Nice to be able to treat a friend for his birthday and even get to go out more often with new friends.


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