My goal was always to get an RV and travel after I retired. But retirement came unexpectedly early when I lost my job of 23 years in 2009, and I found myself living on a very reduced income. Princess Roxie and I moved to Ecuador for two years, where it’s easy to live on less, but I really missed camping and travel, and my camping friends. The only way we could afford to live in the U.S. was to live in my little bitty 2004 ALiner Sportliner pop-up camper; 58.5 square feet! So we did that fir 4 years, always staying on free public lands.

Then I bought a little piece of land in northeastern Arizona and built the cutest tiny house ever! 87 square feet. I lived there for 3.5 years until inflation caught up to me again and I couldn’t make ends meet.

So in September of 2022 I moved to Albania.


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I love your blog. I read about your experience in the wind. I have been there and it is no fun. It breaks my heart to see you struggle in the wind. My encounter happened in Thackerfield OK. I almost lost my roof panels. That encounter prompted me to come up with a solution. Please check out the Wind Cheeta. Watch the video of how it works. I will be following you posts and hope to see you at one of the Aliner Owner Club Rallies in the future. Would love to hear about your adventures. I am going to AZ in April for John Pfeil’s tech rally and hope to explore New Mexico along the way. There is so much to see. I am getting many ideas from your travels. I love to explore small town’s and stay off the interstate also. To me this gives a snapshot into the real America. I am a musician so I love meeting other musicians along the way and having jam sessions. Wow I have met some really great folks from all over. My wife and I travel for a month or so every 8 weeks. After a trip we come home and enjoy our house in Texas, then get the itch to go again. I am still struggling with getting her to slow down and smell the roses. She wants to go as fast as she can and cover as much ground in a day as possible. I would love for you and her to meet and listen to the two of you discuss these travels. Travel safe and keep the blog going.


Thanks Randy! My little heapie wind kit is working great, the only problem comes if it’s really windy when setting up or taking it down. So far, so good!
Would love to meet up with you guys but I’m not going to the tech rally, I am going to the ALiner Club Rally near Sedona in mid-Feb. though!


Great to hear from you. Hope to catch you at a rally someday. Maybe you can make it to the North American Rally in Branson next year. Remember free camping in my driveway if you ever come through the Fort Worth area again.

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Hi Janis, I really enjoy reading your blog. I too have an Aliner (Alite- even smaller than yours!) I only use the rig for recreation…My home base is a very hot Palm Springs C. I can only head to the coast for breaks from the heat. I’m semi retired and…like you, have a very limited budget to travel on. I really admire how you do it!! Born and raised in Michigan…SO, I’m familiar with the area you are in. I have two little doggies…. Lhasa and Tibetan Terrier…They both look a lot like Roxie.


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