Company’s Coming!

Oh boy, I’m supposed to be having company tomorrow! I’m excited about being able to speak to Humans. And in English, too!

It’s a couple of rather famous Canadian travel bloggers who roam all over in their small RV, which is currently in storage in Germany. They have over 5,000 followers just on Facebook! They mentioned awhile back in the blog that they were bringing two friends to Albania for two weeks, then had time to kill with no agenda between then and when they can go pick up the RV again in early November. (Travel within the European Union countries is limited to 90 days in 180) Albania is one of their favorite countries to visit, and is not one of the EU countries (yet! They’re working on it though) so it doesn’t count towards the 90 day limit.

So I emailed them and invited them to come here for a few days, or however long they can stand me. They’re coming with their two friends for a short visit tomorrow, to meet me (and judge whether they’d want to stay here or not, I’m sure). So we’ll see what happens.

I realized I need to get some drinks to offer, so I got an assortment. I got two brands of Albanian beer, Korce and Elbar. The Korce was $.67 US and the Elbar was $.75. I’m not much of a drinker but it’ll be interesting to try them. I also got a bottle of white wine, some canned iced coffee drinks, a couple Cokes and some Rose Lemonade. I don’t know what the lemonade is but it’s just so pretty, I couldn’t resist. The Coke cost $.67 and says “Original Flavor” on the front, in case you’re wondering. It’s 330 ml, about 12 ounces.


Many things in the stores don’t have prices marked so sometimes I buy them and then say “Well I won’t buy that again”! when I see the price. The Rose Lemonade is one of those things….it cost $2.10 a bottle! So now I wonder if it’s alcoholic. Guess I’ll see!