Brick House CG, Whitmire, SC

We hated to move today, but our 14 days were up at Curtis Creek.  That was the first time we’ve stayed anywhere for the full 14 days!

For the last few nights, a little mousie has been getting in to the restroom and shredding the toilet paper to make her nest!  I’d give a lot to see her do her balancing  act on top of the t.p. rolls!  Here’s what they look like in the mornings:

And here’s the restroom at Curtis Creek….one of the prettiest I’ve seen ever! That campground is only about 7 years old.


On Saturday there were two fly fishermen on the river below my campsite; a dad teaching his son to fish.  They said they caught a small one, but I saw a lot of Dad wading around retrieving the son’s hook from the surrounding branches.  He was very calm about it, no yelling!  Hah, if that’d been my dad, the whole campground would have heard him “teaching”!



And it was hair-cutting day for the Camp Host on Saturday too. What a pretty backdrop for getting your hair cut, eh?


Today we drove about 2 hrs. south to Brick House CG near Whitmire, SC., in the Sumter National Forest.  It’s just a few miles from I-26 and the town of Whitmire, and just .3 mi. off the paved road.  And I get great ATT and Verizon signals, yayyy!!  I was feeling very deprived;I get twitchy if I don’t have access to the internet fairly often!

Another nice campground with a mix of shade and sun, a nice amount of space between sites and 3 sets of nice vault toilets.  I think there are about 20 sites. There’s no water here, and I don’t remember seeing any trash containers.


This campground is just $5 a night, or $2.50 with the Geezer Pass.  But they also cater to hunters….about 8 sites can be rented for a whole month for $50, or from Sept. 1 until January 1 for just $150!  I see two sites with campers parked but closed up, that I think are here for the month or season.  Aside from those two, there are just 2 other campers in the whole place.  I might think about doing something like that next fall.  Another bonus for fall camping is that it should be about 5 degrees warmer at night than the Asheville area.

There’s a 33 mile horse trail just up the road, and horses are allowed in this campground as well.  They have white blazes on the trees and the horses must be kept behind those trees so we don’t have to worry about walking through horse poops.  Good idea!