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Goodbye Sedona; Hello Clints Well!

It’s getting hot here in Sedona/Cottonwood….81 today and tomorrow, ugh! Funny how it kind of skipped the 70’s and went directly from the high 60’s to low 80’s. Tomorrow I’m getting the camper brakes repaired (again?) and heading to Clints Well, which is just about 45 min. away but much higher elevation. There it’ll be back to the high 60’s. If i can, I might move around but stay in that general area for a while.

I got the new alternator yesterday at Phillips Auto Service in Cottonwood. Good guys. This one comes with a 36 month, 36000 mile nationwide warranty. If it fails, I can get a new one from any Napa Auto Parts. But of course my stuff never fails while under warranty, LOL.

We had a really pretty sunset last night. They’ve been not so good because the skies were cloudless.


I had trouble getting to sleep last night; I was awake til around 2 a.m. Then at 6 a.m. Princess Roxie woke me and insisted I get up and take her out for Her Royal Pee. Then again at 7:15 for Her Royal Poop. Ugh!  Sometimes it’s tough being owned by a princess. I bet I’ll sleep tonight.

I was kind of glad I got up at 7:15 though, because I got to see a couple more hot air balloons pretty close. I got this great shot of one coming down behind the camper

Balloon camper

Here’s Roxie’s favorite spot, under the shady tree. Mine too! I got a nice new lawn chair that doesn’t require kung fu training to fold up.  My old Coleman chair is very comfy but very hard to fold…the best way is to throw it on it’s back to get it started! It’s starting to fall apart though, it’s about 5 years old and used a lot.


Still Thinking About The Rally

The warm fuzzy feelings from the rally are still with me! It really was one of the best I’ve attended.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we also had a very talented professional photographer in our group, Lisa Langell. She put on a quickie seminar with tips on how to get good photographs. Unfortunately I missed it, but I heard it was great.  She put some business cards on the table and they were all different photographs, with her info on the back so it didn’t interfere with the photo at all.  It’s just a good thing I’m an honest person because I really wanted to take them ALL!  I took one of a beautiful sunset with a saguaro cactus in the foreground, to remind me of Arizona.  Check out her website; you’ll be amazed, and maybe you can even pick out the one I got; it’s there!

And back on the subject of camping with men, I came away from the weekend still convinced that my favorite theory holds true for me: “Men and cats are fun to pet, but I wouldn’t want to own one”.

I found a stock photo of an ALiner ALite, like the cute one that was at the rally. You can see how much smaller they are than mine…..glad I’m not trying to live in one of those!  They weigh around 600# so nearly any car can tow one.


Donna gave Princess Roxie a very special treat; some original chicken fingers! She finds them very interesting but doesn’t seem to want to actually eat them. I think she ate one finger of the first one, but that’s all.

chicken fingers

Some of the rally attendees posted some wonderful photos from the weekend on Facebook and now I feel even worse that I didn’t get my camera out at all. My apologies!

Here’s my rig set up off Red Canyon Road (FR525) halfway between Cottonwood and Sedona.



There are mountain views on all sides!  I tried to park closer to the morning shade, which comes from some quite spindly little bushes, but the site was too far out of level.