Capitol Reef National Park

We went out to dinner at Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant. It was rated the best in Bryce Canyon, though frankly there’s not a lot of competition. It was OK at best. I ordered fish & chips and I swear it was Mrs. Paul’s frozen fish sticks! The fries were good. The other two got strip steaks; Jeanne’s medium-rare was pretty good but Deb’s med. well was not, but the mashed potatoes and gravy was very good. Then we all had pie because it was HIGHLY recommended. Meh.  Strawberry-Banana Cream Pie and Blueberry-Banana Cream Pie, the cream part definitely came out of a tub of something they purchased, and it cost $5.50! Yikes, if I’d seen the price I probably would not have gotten any pie at all.  Syl’s Restaurant in Ontonagon, MI still takes the prize for best pie anywhere.

It was very cold last night, around 25 or 26 degrees, we think! For a while before I went to sleep I had two heaters going; my little one plus the stove! It’s supposed to be about that same temp tonight too. Brrrr!

Today we moved to Capitol Reef National Park. It gets way less visitors than any of the other parks in Utah, but it might just be my favorite! We came via Scenic Byway 12….a gorgeous drive through the mountains. Deb, who hates twisty-turny & steep roads, was the last to arrive. She said  she had to stop and take a xanax and a beer! (She was kidding)  There were several 8% grades and even a 10% grade, but they were fairly short. I only took one photo along the way, of this amazing overlook. It looked like a golf course down below!DSCN5927

We got free campsites just outside the park, and check out the dramatic backdrop! DSCN5932

We rested up a bit then drove through the park, since we’re only here for one night. We went up a little 1.5 mile one-lane dirt road to Grand Wash and saw some amazing water-eroded rocks. Jeanne wanted to take this one home for her front yard:

Here are some more weirdly eroded rocks

Inside the park is the old town of Fruita, which is full of orchards. When the fruit is ripe, visitors can eat as much as they like! (If you want to take some with you, they charge for that). A lot of deer were eating in the orchards.

Other photos from the main park roads. There are also some petroglyphs in the park but they didn’t photograph well.


We tried to have pie at Gifford House (inside the park) but they were closed. So then we went to Torrey to have pie at Ricky’s Redneck Pies but we couldn’t find it. Sigh. We are pieless tonight.