Still at Munising

We’re still near Munising. We’ve had some quite hot days, and when that happens we pack up some stuff and go to Lake Superior. There are several really nice state-owned access sites just west of the Munising Tourist Park, nice sandy beach with shade and good rock-hunting. It’s the best place for finding agates that we’ve found! Deb found two really good ones; I found some kinda-sorta-wannabe agates but nothing really great. (She spends a lot more time hunting than I do) There’s almost always a nice breeze and it’s about 10 degrees cooler at lakeside.


Janis & Princess Roxie
Deb Hunting Agates


She found a good one!



There are also two really nice dispsersed campsites on this bit of state land, but they are both really too small for trailers.  Darn! We would love to be on a lake we can swim in. We had some new neighbors from Vermont at the campground and the wife came and chatted a bit. I told her how awful the lake was and she said she was going to swim anyway.  Hah! Later she told Deb that I was right about the lake…..she came out festooned with green and black slime just like I did!

Between beach days we just hang around camp and do our best to keep the solar panels in the constantly-moving sunny spots, and read on our Kindles.  We both are having trouble getting enough sun to keep the batteries charged.

Thanks again to everyone who used my PayPalMe and Amazon links this past month!! Thank you for not forgetting about me even when I don’t post a whole lot. By the way, if you get the blog via email link, you have to click on the title to take you to the actual WordPress site and see the links.

On July 31 we’ll be going to a new campsite on Lyman Lake which is good for swimming, and I hope to do some kayaking and fishing there too, so there should  be more to report! We’ll also be getting a visit from our friend Bobbi from Wisconsin in early August, and she’s always fun to be around.




Rockin’ Lake Superior

We are at Aune-Osborn RV Park in Sault Ste. Marie. It’s a nice park with beautiful new bathrooms with separate private shower rooms. Riverfront sites are $29, off-river $27, all with water & electricity hookups. We are just downstream from the Soo Locks so there quite a few freighters going by…..pretty cool! There’s a common area at the riverside with benches so everyone can watch the boats, but having a riverfront site is pretty handy. Some of the freighters are 1000′ long!

Today we went to the best fish restaurant in the U.P., Brown’s Fish House in Paradise.  They open at noon and we got there at about 5 minutes til twelve and there were already about a dozen people in line outside the door!  It’s a small hole-in-the-wall joint with just a few tables but we got in at the first sitting. We had whitefish dinners and they did not disappoint!  Then we went to the Wild Blueberry Festival around the corner in Paradise. We’re thinking it’s the most exciting thing that ever happens there.  They had a wild blueberry pancake breakfast from 9-12 and during the day they also sell blueberry buckle, blueberry pie and muffins, along with a lot of arts & crafts booths. Someone at the restaurant had clued us in to the fact that the church next door has baked goods cheaper than at the festival, so we stopped in and got some wild blueberry muffins and pie to have later.  Perin tried one of the muffins and immediately had to go back in and get more to take home!

Then we drove an additional 11 miles north to Whitefish Point and went rock-picking along the shore. The pebbles are all rounded by wave action, and so pretty!


Jeanne and Partly showing good rock-picking form. For my Hunting Island buddies, it’s very similar to the shark’s-tooth crouch! Gotta get pretty close up to see the good ones. Lake Superior was actually pretty warm….it didn’t instantly make our feet ache, at least! The water temp must have been a balmy 60 degrees or so!! Saw a few nuts out there swimmimg….brrrr!

j Lk Sup2


We took the scenic shore road on the way back to Sault Ste. Marie and on the way, checked out two National Forest Campgrounds, one right on Lake Superior and the other on an inland lake. And of course we stopped for some Jilbert’s ice cream in Bay Mills. What a bargain; single dip in a waffle cone for only $2.50! It was a great day with perfect weather, in the low 70’s and sunny.

Tomorrow we head to Munising for 10 days.