Little Bay de Noc Again, and a New Canopy!

I’m back at Little Bay de Noc Campground near Escanaba, and now a friend from Gulf Shores, AL has joined me!  It’s finally cooled down again so days are in the low 70’s.  Night are a tad chilly, around 50.

And I finally got the conduit brackets installed so I can use my new canopy.  I love how quickly it went up, and that there are no guy lines to trip over.  It’s small, just 5′ tapering down to 30″ wide but it gives a pretty good amount of shade.  I still have a bit of work to do but for now it’s functional.  And cheap!  6 conduit brackets, 3 adjustable painter’s poles (2 of them very short) and 4 yards of coated nylon. What do you think?

Canopy3 Canopy2 Canopy1