Saguaro National Park

Yesterday we went to Saguaro National Park West. We saw a 15 minute slide show in the visitor center and then took the Bajada Loop drive, which is a very bumpy dirt road. After the first couple thousand saguaro cacti, they all start to look alike.



It looked like some of the Mickey Mouse….er….Prickly Pear cacti were starting to bloom??



I was sitting in my lawn chair in the shade the other day when I heard a loud buzzing sound, and a beautiful hummingbird flew right up to my face and hovered there for a few seconds!  At the park I found out, it was an Anna’s Hummingbird. Here’s a photo I got from the internet; isn’t it gorgeous?! A lot of RV’ers bring hummingbird feeders with them. I am thinking about buying one.


Deb and I went to the Casino del Sol the other day. We signed up for their club and got $5 in free slots play plus a coupon for 50% off food.  I lost my $5 in less than a minute so I went and had a delicious chocolate soda at Moby’s (only $2 with my coupon!). Then I lost another $7 of my own money very quickly and called it quits. I HATE myself for squandering that much money.  Deb ate at the buffet for only $7.50 with her coupon, and said it was incredible. I hate her. Oh…no I don’t, but I wish I’d just eaten instead of blowing it on slots. She also spent money on slot machines. I guess I should just limit my slot machine playing to my Kindle, but there’s always that slight chance that you’ll win BIG! (I often win big on the Kindle!)  Now I am craving chocolate sodas.

Deb’s thinking about going to Wal-Mart to get new tires for her truck today. I’m thinking about washing my hair, that’d be my big project for the day! (And I may not get around to it)  Deb and I are falling into a pretty good routine; neither of us are morning people so somewhere around 11 a.m. one of us will check  to make sure the other is not dead, and then go back to our important job of reading.

The weather has been wonderful…around 70 degrees daytime! It’s supposed to be hot (84) both tomorrow and Friday. I think we are going to get all hitched up and ready to go on Thursday evening, then leave Friday for Wickenburg, and drive during the hottest part of the day.  The temps look great there; mid-70’s daytime and mid-40’s nights.