The Desert Bar

We drove out to the Shea Road BLM area and I think we’ll move there tomorrow. It’s right off a paved road about 5 miles from Parker, and the ATT signal there was better than here.

Then we went to The Desert Bar.  The directions on their website are not very good but after a couple false starts I discovered that Google Maps knew where it was.  Boy you really have to want to go there!  It is 4 miles down a really REALLY bad dirt road!  Lots of twists and turns, going mostly uphill, with big rocks sticking up. I thought a low-slung car would never make it but a minute later, a SmartCar came around the bend, so I guess any car can do it.  It took 30 minutes to go the 4 miles.  It must be good for business; once you finally get there, you’re ready for a stiff drink or two!

The Desert Bar is out in the middle of the desert, a big open-air place run by solar energy.  It’s only open in the winter on weekends, since it’d be way too hot in summertime.  I am so mad that my camera ran out of battery while I was there!!  The battery lasts a really long time so I tend to forget about it.

Since the bar is open-air, dogs are welcome!  I didn’t know about that so poor Roxie stayed in the car.  There was a live band playing today, and they sounded pretty good.




Maybe the coolest thing about the Desert Bar is the ladies’ restroom….it’s open air, too! The stalls are backed up to the rock wall, with very heavy rusty iron sides & doors.


And here’s the view while you are washing your hands:


I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve taken photos in a bathroom! For more pics and the history of The Desert Bar you can go to their website at

I really wanted to get some of their beer-battered fries and a brew and sit for awhile but my p0cketbook screamed, “Are you NUTS??!”  But I did stop on the way home at the do-it-yourself car wash and spent $3.25 to wash the car. Boy that’s something you won’t hear me say very often…..that’s the first time the car has been washed since I bought it in April!  But the Yuma mud had really left it a mess. I was so proud of my nice shiny car when I got back here….only to find that I did a bad job!  It’s still got some dirt streaks.  Sigh.  And now it’s apparent that the damage from the jacknife incident is worse than I thought.

I got a new neighbor today….I feel so insignificant!! DSCN1971