2nd Annual BloggerFest

I wrote a post about this yesterday but the ATT signal here is very elusive and the whole thing got wiped out before I could save it or publish it!  Sigh.  It’s discouraging when that happens.

Yesterday Princess Roxie and  I went to the 2nd annual BloggerFest in Quartzsite. I got there very early so first I went to make sure I could find the Fest location, then went to check out the Dome Rock 14-day free BLM site.  I had bad directions and couldn’t find it. The traffic in Q was horrendous!  I’m told it was the worst day possible to visit, as it’s the last Saturday of the Big Tent event. Ehhhh..these people are all retired, aren’t they?  So why do they all need to go on Saturday?? I had to wait through 4 traffic lights to get through the Big Tent intersection!. Twice! The road to Dome Rock just happened to be the same road the Big Tent was on, so that traffic barely crawled as people were hunting for parking spaces. I did get my propane tank filled for $1.99 a gallon though; cheapest fill ever! It only cost $8.34 to fill my 20# tank.  Gas was very cheap too; $1.97 a gallon, but I’d stupidly filled up in Parker for $2.19.

There were 54 very nice people at BloggerFest!  I noticed at the last minute that I was supposed to bring a snack, so I took some Ruffles and stopped & bought some deli spinach dip.  I thought that would appeal to most people, but nobody ate any of it! So I brought it back home……I don’t like spinach dip!  Just goes to show, you should always take things you LIKE to these things.

We were supposed to mingle and meet people.  I just can’t do that!  I’m far too introverted to get up and start talking to complete strangers.  I was pretty amazed that I actually attended the event!!  I did converse with some of the people who were sitting near me, and I screwed up the nerve to go talk to the folks from the Upper Peninsula, Tom & Deb from                                                  They’re from Escanaba, one of my favorite places in Michigan!

In spite of the thousands of RVs in Q, it did look like you could get away from the crowd if you wanted to.  But as I suspected, there’s no way to avoid the crush and madness of the traffic.  I think I’ll give Quartzsite a miss and just move about 10 miles away to the Shea Road BLM site near Parker tomorrow.

I still have not seen any burros here.  A couple times I thought I heard the pitter-patter of little hooves, but when I got up to look, didn’t see anything.  I enjoyed listening to the coyote concert last night though, sounded like 5 or 6 of them!