Moving On

I keep forgetting to tell you about the series of historical fiction books I’ve been reading (thanks Jeanne, for telling me about them!)  They are written by Gary McCarthy and all about National Parks, five in the series and they don’t need to be read in any particular order.  I’ve read three so far and I liked Yosemite Thunder the best:   They are all available to borrow free if you’re an Amazon Unlimited member, but if not, they’re not expensive, $2.99-$3.99 each.

Oh remember those billions of flies I drove through awhile back?  Well…..I didn’t notice this until several days later, but look what they did to my kayak! Ewwww!  That’s what happens when you drive on dirt roads afterward……..


I have been “camped” at my friends’ house for the past week or so, but am moving to Curtis Creek Campground near Old Fort, NC on Sunday, for 14 days. With my Geezer Pass (Federal Senior Pass), it’s only $2.50 a night!  I really did try to find free campsites the other day; I wanted to check them out while I was NOT dragging the camper along, and I’m very glad I did. I drove down some pretty awful roads  and looked at about 15 campsites, and all but one of them were suitable only for tenters; there were only parking spaces large enough for one car, no space to get the camper/car combo off the road.  Something that’s way different about the national forests in MI and NC is….mountains!  Michigan is fairly flat, so there’s plenty of space to have nice big campsites.  At least in the area I was looking at in Pisgah National Forest, there is just not enough level ground; the campsites are all hanging off the side of a mountain!

Curtis Creek has 25 campsites but most are for tenters; only 9 RV/Trailer sites. It’s got vault toilets, drinking water, picnic tables, recycling and bear-proof trash containers!  All for $2.50 a night!  Well I admit the “bear-proof trash” is somewhat daunting, but there are bears even here at my friends’ house, so I guess I’d much rather be in an established campground with neighbors than be out in the middle of nowhere with bear visitors.   I suspect I won’t get any cell or wifi signals out there.  Oh, I just read that the campground is in the middle of a bear sanctuary! Gulp!  This could be interesting!


Keweenaw Peninsula

Here’s our happy group at Munising (sans two). Good people, good times!
wac group

And here’s one of me kayaking on the Au Train River:
j kayaking

The group is now down to 5 people and we’ve moved from Munising to Lake Linden Township Park, kind of in the middle of the Keweenaw Peninsula. $23 a night for water & electric sites, or 7th night free…$138 a week. The campsites are about 100′ from the lake and dogs are OK in the lake as long as they’re not at the designated beach area. We have a really great black lab in the group, Carly, who LOVES to swim and she’s been in heaven these past couple of weeks with us always having lakefront campsites.


Also, on the way here we stopped at a highway roadside park and a man told us about Ojibwa Recreation Area campground near Baraga (pronounced BEAR-uh-guh),with water & elec. sites right on Lake Superior for only $20 a night or $100 a week! The the off-water Red Pines camping area is even cheaper, $15 a night or $65 a week. There’s also an old lighthouse to explore, and a marina. I may come back to that place later, if it gets cold and I need electricity for heat.

I LOVE all the Roadside Parks in MIchigan! There’s one every 10-20 miles, and they are always very well maintained and often right on lakes or rivers. The one we stopped at yesterday had a nice river running through it with a waterfall. At the beginning of the summer I was so impressed with how clean the outhouses were, and they didn’t smell! Well I found out yesterday, that’s just because in early July the chemicals in the toilets were brand new. They don’t smell so sweet now at the end of the summer. Noooo, not at all.

Jeanne & I went to lunch at the Lindell Chocolate Shop in town, just two blocks from our campground. We both had hot fudge sundaes with chocolate ice cream for lunch. Only $4…and very Yum! The exterior of the place looks quite run-down but on the inside it’s gorgeous! All the original 1922 golden oak walls and stained glass, even a cool carved mezzanine, with really old jukeboxes (?) at all the outside booths. At least that’s what we think they are. FYI, if you click on a photo, it will open up bigger so you can see it better.


Lots of antiques all over the place, and stained glass lamps….very cool. They also serve breakfast and lunch and are supposed to have one of the better Friday Fish Fries in the area. (I’ll let you know about that!)

After our “lunch” we drove into Houghton and went to the Seaman Mineral Museum, only $5 admission ($4 for seniors). It was filled with beautifully-displayed rocks & minerals from this region and all over the world and I wanted some of each! Sigh. I did buy some very pretty stones to spice up my teeny tiny collection. They were each $1.25-$1.50.




Last night 3 of us went to Quincy’s in Dollar Bay for dinner. Meh…..we had a hamburger, lasagna and a french dip sandwich. all OK but certainly nothing special. We will not be going back.