Sedona & Montezuma Castle

Yesterday we went to Sedona…what a gorgeous place! A little pricey too. We went to the Tlaquepaque Plaza shopping center which is supposed to have the best arts & crafts. It’s beautiful, with statuaries, fountains and pretty flowers. Of course we couldn’t afford a THING, but it was fun to look.  Does anyone know what these flowers are? Maybe hollyhock???

Views of the red rocks….I couldn’t capture the true colors!  It was a rainy day and we even had some hail for awhile, when we were trying to go to the Holy Cross Church (church on a rock, it’s often called). It was designed by Lloyd Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the views from the tower are supposed to be really incredible. Well it was raining and hailing so hard, the little golf carts used for the handicapped people (3 of us!) were not available. So we crept up the hill to the church in a long line of cars, then crept back down.

We had a really good lunch in honor of Jeanne’s sister Joanne’s upcoming birthday at Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant, then came back home.

This morning three hot-air balloons landed in the field right next to us! I missed it, I slept through the whole thing and only saw them when they had the balloons all rolled up and ready to put into the chase vehicles.

Today we first went to the RV dealer to see if they could figure out why Jeanne and Deb are having so many battery problems, dropped the batteries off and went to Montezuma Castle, some really interesting ruins that go back to about the year 1125. And it was not a really long walk, so even *I* could go!  DSCN1915

On the way back we stopped at a little booth at the side of the road and had some Indian Fry Bread for $4.  OH MY!!!  I want more of that!!!   Jeanne and I split one and I wish I’d gotten one all my own. We got 1/2 cinnamon-sugar and 1/2 honey. Both were really REALLY good.DSCN1918

We stopped back at the RV place and they said both batteries were good; they felt maybe they were not getting fully recharged during the day, so they were not holding a charge all night. It’s still a mystery why those batteries won’t run their refrigerators all night (set on propane, so they should only draw 1/2 – 1 amp per hour fort the electronics & fan!)  I checked my battery and I see why I never have these problems; I have a Group 31 AGM battery with 105 amp-hours. Jeanne’s is only 56 amp-hours and Deb’s is a Group 27 @ 75 amp-hours. Plus my old fridge has no electronics, so it uses no electricity. They put a good full charge on both batteries so hopefully we can keep them charged up now.  I’ve been putting my 100 watt solar panel on Jeanne’s battery every day but perhaps not for long enough.

Last night’s pretty sunset……DSCN1904


A Little More of Sedona

My Ben & Jerry’s did not stay solid but it was the BEST chocolate soup I’ve ever had.

Well my tire was flat again this morning; I expected that. I am very impressed with Good Sam road service! I called them at 9:29 and the guy showed up 18 minutes later!! He was all done and out of here by 10 a.m. He put the spare tire on and it might be the original spare which would make it 9-10 years old.  It has plenty of tread and is in good shape, so I left it on. Who knows how old the other tire is, it’s the used one I bought and it could be just as old. So we’ll try this. I’m glad I got to see how to access the spare tire (it’s tucked up underneath the car) and what tools to use. Not that I’d ever change a tire willingly, but you never know; I could have a flat and be out of cellphone range. There was a big ol’ nail in the tire but I took it in to Sedona and got it fixed for $15.

I saw this raven strutting around downtown….I love ravens!


While we were waiting for the fix we drove around a bit. What a gorgeous place….around every turn is a different stunning view!


And I thought it was interesting, how this tree has grown all twisted.