Cedarville, MI

Bama Deb and I have met up again, just east of Cedarville, in the Upper Peninsula. After AZ, Deb went on to Wyoming and then leisurely made her way up here. We are parked in nothing more than a long pullout at the side of M-134, which I found in the Days End Directory (from Escapees RV Club). It doesn’t LOOK like a campsite so we did not unhook the campers from the cars, in case we get kicked out in the middle of the night!  Tomorrow I may go visit the police department to find out for sure if we’re legal here. We are only about 75′ from Lake Huron here, with a little sand beach! The water’s COLD, by the way. It’s nice and sunny but breezy, so no mosquitoes (so far). And temps in the 70’s today and high 60’s for the next several days….perfect!  Check out the lovely view from the camper door!  DSCN6318


Bear Belly’s and Copper Harbor

Today Jeanne, Deb, Perin and I went to Copper Harbor. On the way there we stopped to take a photo at The Gay Bar. It’s not a “gay bar”, it’s the bar in Gay, Michigan!


Then went to the Bear Belly Bar & Grill in Lac LaBelle for lunch In spite of a very ordinary look on the outside, the inside was gorgeous! Lots of stuffed critters on the pretty pine walls (bears, a big fat beaver, big fish, and deer). The bar overlooked the lake (or should I say lac?) and you could get your food and sit outside if you wanted. We stayed in. We tried their award-winning chili, burgers with fries, another had a marinated steak sandwich. All very very good!



After lunch we went on to Copper Harbor and went to Ft. Wilkins; cruised through the campground and thought the sites were awfully close together. We went to the old fort too, that was pretty interesting! The old buildings have been refurbished by the CCC back in the 40’s, and in summer they have people all dressed up in the old garb, ready to answer any questions.


The enlisted men’s quarters were actually outside the fort gates!! Hmmm.

The log construction was pretty interesting, had not seen this type of log notching before.

The fort has a great view over Lake Fanny Hooe.

We made a quick stop at a rock shop and then of course after all that walking around, we had to have some ice cream. I tried the lingonberry sundae…HAD to sample the lingonberries, after all! Then we got back in the car and went on the Brockway Mountain Drive. It goes almost 800′ above Copper Harbor with really incredible long-range views! This would be gorgeous during color season, I’m thinking about coming back for that.



Then back home to the dogs who were very glad to see us after being gone for 7 hours! Mudslides around the campfire completed our day. Wow, so good!
Chi Chi's Mudslide 1.75L


Little Bay de Noc Again, and a New Canopy!

I’m back at Little Bay de Noc Campground near Escanaba, and now a friend from Gulf Shores, AL has joined me!  It’s finally cooled down again so days are in the low 70’s.  Night are a tad chilly, around 50.

And I finally got the conduit brackets installed so I can use my new canopy.  I love how quickly it went up, and that there are no guy lines to trip over.  It’s small, just 5′ tapering down to 30″ wide but it gives a pretty good amount of shade.  I still have a bit of work to do but for now it’s functional.  And cheap!  6 conduit brackets, 3 adjustable painter’s poles (2 of them very short) and 4 yards of coated nylon. What do you think?

Canopy3 Canopy2 Canopy1