6th Annual US Marine Corps Mud Run

Lots of excitement at our campground this morning, starting around 6:30 a.m. with blaring music, drum cadences (I think!) and loud speak announcements.  Soon fire trucks and emergency vehicles and lots and lots of people starting pouring in.  The races started at 8 a.m. and our campsites were pretty close to the finish line.  Right before the finish line though, the racers had to go through about a 30′ long, chest-deep mud puddle while Marines along the side splashed them with mud & threw mudballs at them, yelling “Hurry Up! Get out of my mud puddle!”

IMG_0767  IMG_0766

Along the way were lots of obstacles, ponds, hurdles, etc.  One place had a bunch of big bags with sand in the bottom, and racers had to run through the middle of the bags.


And at the end of the race, the fire trucks provided water for these amazing showers!


Looked like everyone had a great time.  We sure had fun watching it all.